Our fitness philosophy is simple. Come as you are.
— Jess Hughes, Founder

Citizen Pilates' mission is to deliver top tier Pilates reformer fitness classes for a community of people who welcome and push each other to be the strongest they can be in and out of the studio.

Citizen first opened its doors in July 2015. Its founder and original Citizen, Jess Hughes, had a vision for a fitness studio that stood out from what the market already offered. Citizen’s atypical approach to high level client service and community, coupled with affordable boutique pricing, welcomes members of all ages to experience Citizen's strong culture.

How is Citizen different from its Pilates competitors? 

  • Come as you are ethos
  • Vast demographic and socioeconomic landscape
  • Classes are challenging not survival of the fittest
  • Instructors don't have to pass a "crop top" test
  • All team members are employees of the business, not independent contractors
  • Independently owned and operated by a local Houston entrepreneur, Jess Hughes