It’s our promise to give everyone a reasonable chance of getting into our group classes.  Clients are responsible for canceling their classes from our website or app. Cancellations may not be received via email, text or phone calls to the studio. Citizen Pilates offers two types of class cancellations:

  1. EARLY CANCEL occurs when a class is cancelled or rescheduled outside of 12 hours of class start time.  There are no charges for an early cancel and no limit to the number of times you may cancel or reschedule classes.  You have full control!

  2. LATE CANCEL occurs when a class is cancelled or rescheduled within 12 hours of class start time.  

    For monthly or annual memberships, late cancellations will be charged a $10 fee. No-shows will be charged a $15 fee.  For drop-ins, 3-class Citizen Starter pack, 10 and 20 class packages, or 8-class and 12-class passes, clients will be deducted a class for late cancels and no shows.


  • To join the wait list, you must have a class credit in your account.

  • If a spot opens up, you will be notified by email and/or text, depending on your communication preferences set in your profile.

  • To receive waitlist notifications, your Citizen profile must be opted in to accept notifications and reminders.

  • The auto-notification will come no later than 12 hours before class starts.

  • You must respond 'Y or N' to text message confirmations for your acceptance or rejection of the class.

  • If there is no response, MINDBODY assumes you are coming to class and has reserved a spot for you.

  • If you respond 'N' to a text message confirmation within 12 hours of class start time, this is a late cancel.

  • Should you no longer want to be automatically added to class from a waitlist, they must remove yourself from the waitlist.

  • If you add yourself to multiple waitlists, it is your responsibility to manage your requests so that you are not added to more than one class on the same day.