Pay it Forward, Be a Mentor

This new venue has established a healthy culture of community based fitness in a relatively short amount of time. The promotion of strength in numbers is evident in an energetic yet soothing setting. The compulsive need to test physical limits blends surprisingly well with an atmosphere of serenity. Familiarity and intimacy result in a collective of enthusiastic residents in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle at Citizen Pilates.

When Sam Stephens first reached out to me with a feature request, I did not give it much attention.  I could not differentiate his value proposition from fitness bloggers before him nor did I understand his purpose.  Although he never asked for more than an opportunity to photograph the studio while understanding the benefits of Pilates reformer, I was compelled to challenge this budding entrepreneur's intended direction.  It is those tough questions we rarely ask ourselves that set the standard for all our business is to become.

Sam brings an unbiased view of local businesses through vivid passages and historical references void of biased opinions. His professional photographs complement his positive attitude towards his features, leaving readers a sense of pride in the establishments they frequent.  I am honored to share our Flex in Texas Feature with you and although Sam Stephens is paving the way for Texas businesses to flex a little muscle of their own... Pilates leaves us the most flexible of all!