Top 5 Reformer Pilates Moves

The year is coming to an end. That means it’s time to reflect and create goals to better your future. If you’re like most of us, it seems like 2016 came and went with a blink of an eye and some resolutions just didn’t get accomplished. It’s OK! This year we are helping you get prepared to accomplish one very important goal, staying active. Reformer Pilates is great for overall strength, flexibility and coordination. Plus, it’s just ridiculously fun! So look no further, we’ve got you covered. Unless of course, you’re taking a peek at our awesome form and cute leggings.

Here are our top 5 Reformer Pilates moves to keep it tight all through 2017.

1. Front Lunge Slides

Who doesn’t want legs for days? This Front Lunge Slides targets your hamstrings for some seriously strong legs.

2. Leg Lifts

Perfect legs lead to a perfect bum. The balance & strength required of these Leg Lifts are no joke, but totally worth it for a JLo booty.

3. Cross Body Lat Fly

Make tank top season year round. This Cross Body Lat Fly does some serious work on your shoulders and biceps.

4. Supine Arm Circles

Girl, you’re bringing sexy back! These Supine Arm Circles target your arms and back, with a subtle ab workout too.

5. ELEVATED Wheelbarrows

Planking just got harder with these Elevated Wheelbarrows. This move literally targets every muscle in your body. Trust us, you’ll feel it.

Okay, so we know you are dying to jump into your next Reformer Pilates class. If you live in Houston or are simply visiting the Houston area, you’re in luck. Everyone's first class at Citizen Pilates is only $10. We have two locations in the Houston, Heights. Let’s start off this year the right way, together.