What’s Going on at Citizen Pilates?

Wow! Time sure does go by fast when you’re planking. Just last year we opened up the first Citizen Pilates, a reformers Pilates studio right in the Houston Heights area. And now, we’re opening up our second Citizen Pilates location in December. Why? Our sole complaint is “we can never get into a class,” because classes are always booked.  BUT, we’ll just have to blame that on our awesome instructors and that inclusive #CitizenExperience.

Either way it goes. We are super excited to expand. And the good news is that we will still be in the Houston Heights area, only 2 miles west of Houston Ave. The proximity of the two locations will effectively double our capacity while still maintaining the intimacy of the close community that we’ve created.

And that’s just it. This community of Pilates lovers is the sole reason why Citizen Pilates has expanded. When teaming up with NextSeed, we received an overwhelming amount of support, raising our goal of $100,000 in just 5 days! It’s amazing to know that the community believes in Citizen Pilates as much as we do.

The new Citizen Pilates studio is 1,500 square feet of space located at 940 Heights Blvd. And with the money raised through NextSeed we were able to fund the purchase of new Pilates equipment and the interior build out. Two words. Pilates heaven.

Can’t wait to open the doors to all of you on December 5, 2016! Our schedule is LIVE for both locations so get your reservations in early before you get caught on the wait list!