Success for the Reformer Pilates studio’s investment campaign helps Citizen Pilates with its second location opening in the Heights

HOUSTON, TX – Jessica Hughes opened the doors to Citizen Pilates, a boutique Reformer Pilates studio in the Heights, in 2015. The team cultivated a true community experience within the space, and demand quickly overwhelmed the schedule’s capacity. The studio soon began building its second location. As part of its financing solution, the studio launched a NextSeed campaign, and in less than 6 days, the team had raised $100,000 and met its maximum goal.

The funds were not simply a significant boost towards opening the new space. Citizen was able to leverage NextSeed’s investment platform to open up the opportunity for everyone in the community. When Jessica first opened Citizen’s doors, she aimed to create a Pilates studio that emphasized fun and challenging exercise routines that were complemented by a culture of inclusion.

The NextSeed campaign served as an extension of that focus by allowing Citizen’s loyal current clients and potential new clients to participate in the studio’s growth.

Citizen Pilates launched its investment offering on NextSeed on September 22nd. The team initially planned for a 6-week campaign period to provide ample time for reaching its targeted $65,000 minimum and $100,000 maximum goal. However, investor response was immediate. Seventy-five investors jumped on board quickly, and Citizen reached its maximum target in less than on week – a record time on the platform.

Over the past year, Citizen Pilates had created a surplus of demand for classes at the studio. Even with upwards of 60 classes each week, the current space has not been able to accommodate the demands of the community. Classes are regularly wait-listed and reserved over a week in advance.  The studio’s second location is already under construction, located in close proximity to the first studio in the Heights. The team is currently on track to open its doors in December.

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Jessica Hughes, Owner

Citizen Pilates


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Jessica Hughes, Owner of Citizen Pilates

Jessica Hughes is a native Houstonian and the owner and founder of Citizen Pilates. Her career as an analyst for two Houston-based oil companies helped shaped her keen sense of detail to economic sensitivities, project management and executive administration.

Despite her admiration for corporate culture, Jessica is a successful entrepreneur with recognized strengths in small business start-ups and proactive marketing initiatives. In 2010, she co-founded an independent bicycle fitting studio – a model never successfully proven by predecessors within Texas’ cycling industry. Today Tad Hughes Custom Fit Studio remains Texas’ only independent, service-based bicycle diagnostic center. Its brick and mortar location in the Heights services cyclists, runners and triathletes throughout the southern United States.

Jessica has also served on the boards of Northwest Cycling Club, where she is a lifetime member, and the Texas Bicycle Racing Association.


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